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ACTworth Arts Theatre, in association with the Acworth Cultural Arts Council, announces casting for the Spring production, “Seven Keys to Baldpate Inn”. The play is described as a “serious comedy thriller” by author Paul Thain, adapted from the original script by George M. Cohan.
It is a dark and stormy night at a mountain top summer lodge, closed for the winter. Into this secluded venue enter a variety of characters, each claiming to have “the only key to Baldpate Inn”. The plot revolves around a bet to write a novel in 24 hours and political intrigue involving bribery, blackmail and a missing $1 million dollars.
Rehearsals are underway! The cast includes talent from Acworth, Marietta, Woodstock, Cartersville and Rome. Cast members are Mark Allen Smith, Carole Roach, Steve Bennett, Bob Gossman, Camille Fairbanks, Missy Bandy, Danielle Thornton, John Katrek, Sandy Cunningham and Michael Adamson.
Performances will be at Robert’s School Community & Education Center.

March 25 at 8pm

March 26 at 8pm

March 27 at 3pm

April 1 at 8pm

April 2 at 8pm