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Christmas trees and more than one million LED lights to create holiday magic select nights Nov 20 – Jan 2.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
Six Flags Over Georgia is continuing its new holiday tradition as it extends its season with the addition of Six Flags Entertainment’s annual holiday festival — Holiday in the Park. More than one million LED lights and dozens of Christmas trees will create the perfect magical atmosphere this holiday season from November 20 through January 2 on select days. 

Six Flags Over Georgia extends its season with the inclusion of Holiday in the Park. The holiday classic will include sparkling lights, festive shows, tasty culinary treats, and of course, the Big Man: Santa Claus in all his glory.

Guests can enjoy the park’s most popular rides including Goliath, as well as rides for the entire family to enjoy. Holiday in the Park will be topped off with its most iconic image at the historic Riverview Carousel, which will create a glowing light and walkthrough experience never before seen in Atlanta and the Southeast region.
What to Expect
New in 2020 – Catwoman Whip & Poison Ivy Toxic Spin
Holiday in the Park is being taken over by the villains! Don’t miss these all-new rides during Holiday In The Park.

A Main Street Christmas
Step inside through the front gates and witness the magnificent beauty that is Holiday in the Park! Six Flags Over Georgia’s iconic Promenade has transformed into A Main Street Christmas decorated with more than 100,000 lights with a beautiful canopy of lights! Along with an ensemble of ornamented garlands, snow machines and a 20 foot Christmas tree in front of the main gate fountain, it creates a beautiful spectacle and a truly magical way to begin your happy holiday experience at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Peppermint Plaza
As you walk through the Peppermint Plaza by the Georgia Scorcher, a whiff of minty delight will begin to surround you. The further you walk inside this area of holiday delight, the more you immerse yourself into an aroma of peppermint and beautiful red and white lights. It is a true candy and winter wonderland!

Holiday Rides:

Georgia Scorcher
It’s going to be a cold winter and sometimes the chestnuts roasting by the fire won’t cut it. Stand up and take a ride on this steel giant and feel what it’s really like to warm your bones up by the fire. 
Minimum Height: 54″

Magic of the Season
Step into this tunnel of wonders and behold Six Flags Over Georgia’s newest light show of the holiday season! You will feel the holiday spirit flowing all around you as this spectacle of Christmas cheer glows through the night like never before. Every 15 minutes, a story of family holiday magic made right here at Holiday in the Park will be told and you and your loved ones are sure to come back again and again for this epic light show of magic and wonder!

Holiday Rides:

  • Dare Devil Dive
    Joy to the world, it’s time to ride…the great and tall Dare Devil Dive! It will take you into the air and will certainly mess up your hair. But after it free falls from the sun and all of its metal twisting fun, you’ll be surely sad that it is done! Minimum Height: 48″

    You better not shout, you better not cry! Better not pout and I’m telling you why. Because Goliath is taking you up to the Sky!  Santa Claus himself is even a little nervous to take on this giant steel hyper sleigh, as it takes you up 20 stories and drops you through 4,480 feet of track at speeds up to 70 MPH! Just be sure to look out to the stars when you’re going up, because you just might see Ole St. Nick himself!
    Minimum Height: 54″

    GOTHAM City
    It may be a city full of villains, but even they can’t break the Christmas spirit in GOTHAM City! Experience the beautiful lights and GOTHAM City’s notorious Christmas tree display as BATMAN and the rest of the city show us how they celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Holiday Rides:

  • BATMAN: The Ride
    The Dark Knight never gets a day off and Christmas time is no exception! Get ready to ride with BATMAN himself and fight crime in order to save Christmas. Get ready for 10 story drops, 50 MPH speeds, Zero-G rolls and 360 degree loops that only a holiday master like yourself can accomplish! The villains of Gotham don’t stand a chance against you and the caped crusader and you will be back at Wayne Manor just in time to open your presents!
    Minimum Height: 54″
  • THE JOKER Chaos Coaster
    THE JOKER may have a little different idea of what “holiday cheer” really means. His perfect day of celebrating the Christmas spirit is showing everyone what it’s like to be just as crazy as he is! Once you step on board THE JOKER Chaos Coaster, you will have a holiday smile on your face as big as THE JOKER’s! Get ready to laugh, cheer and feel the chaos on this holiday loop of cheer and joy!
    Minimum Height: 48″
  • DC SuperVillains Swing
    The villains may be loose, but even they want to take the holiday seasons off to make a last attempt to get on Santa’s Nice List. Get ready for a sky thrill that will lift your chair right off the ground and make you feel as if you are in Santa’s legendary sleigh! MR. FREEZE may even create some snow to truly make you feel as if you are traveling around the world to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. Just try not to pick up any bad habits from these villains so you don’t land on Santa’s Naughty List!
    Minimum Height: 48″ . 

North Pole
This may be Georgia, but that won’t stop Six Flags from bringing you straight to the North Pole! As you walk in, you will see Santa flying high above you being pulled by his reindeer and witness the beautiful white lights surrounding the trees and rooftops. It wouldn’t be the North Pole without ole’ St. Nick himself there, so stop by the most magical place to get the Santa Photo Experience and pose for a picture with the one and only Santa Claus! If you’re hungry, be sure to stop by Santa’s Soup Kitchen and say hello to Mrs. Claus as she is cooking up a storm!

Candlelight Carousel
The Riverview Carousel was originally built in Chicago in 1908 and today it sits as an iconic centerpiece at Six Flags Over Georgia. For Holiday in the Park, the carousel and the surrounding area will be a crown jewel of this holiday wonderland, as it is covered in nearly 94,000 lights, 1,350 feet of garland, 1,200 ornaments and more than 200 luminary candles.  This is one carousel you and your loved ones will not want to miss as it brings true Christmas cheer to all. 

Holiday Rides:

Rockin’ Tug
Get ready to board the little tugboat that’s got a lot of wacky and not a lot of steady. It’s going to be a dizzy ride so strap on in to this merry little tug boat as it rocks you around this holiday season!
Minimum Height: 36″

Up, Up and Away
Step into your very own hot air balloon and fly through Six Flags on your way to the North Pole! Be sure to look around you on your journey and take in the beautiful holiday lights. You may even see some elves working hard in Santa’s Workshop if you look close enough!
Minimum Height: 36″

Hanson Cars
The modern world can be hectic and move at a nerve-wracking pace. All the more reason that you need to find the time to slow it all down and take the time to merrily stroll through this holiday season. Now you can take a spin back in time and drive your very own antique ride. Even Santa himself will be jealous of this sweet ride!
Minimum Height: 36″

Riverview Carousel
For generations, the carousel has been one of the most magical and cherished rides for young and old alike and now it will be the crown jewel of Holiday In The Park! This carousel is to be decorated with nearly 94,000 lights, 1,350 feet of garland, 1,200 ornaments and more than 200 luminary candles. Santa will be sure to see this beautifully lit carousel even from skies!
Minimum Height: 36″

A Georgia Christmas
A Georgia Christmas wouldn’t be complete without its iconic fruit, the peach. In A Georgia Christmas, the trees, the Crystal Pistol and all surrounding structures will be covered in peach lights and will make you feel as if it is summer time during Christmas. Looks like Georgia may be adding one more Peachtree Road to its very large list!

Mistletoe Mansion
Get ready to walk through an alley of Christmas spirit and romance. Merry Mistletoe takes you through a woodland of garland and Christmas cheer, surrounded by more than 100,000 lights and surrounded with Mistletoe. When you see the chandeliers on your path as well, you will feel as if you just stepped into the most beautiful outdoor holiday ball in all of Georgia! 

Holiday Rides:

  • Monster Mansion
    You’re invited to a party, a monster Christmas party where humans are allowed! Climb aboard for a darkly joyful boat ride through a whole mansions worth of holiday cheer! You will enter a world of colorful and furry monsters who want nothing more than to throw the greatest Christmas bash ever! Just be sure to stay away from the marsh!
    Minimum Height: None with adult.

Behold the beautiful stained glass nativity scene as it captures the moment that made Christmas a reality. Also be sure to look up to the North Star and its meteor shower lights, for when you find the North Star, you know home is always close by.

Holiday Rides:

Dahlonega Mine Train
Hop in a mine car and travel back in time to the days of the Georgia gold rush! Launched in 1967, The Dahlonega Mine Train was one of the very first roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia and this family favorite is as fun today as it was the day it opened. Even Santa brings Mrs. Claus and some of his elves to ride this one every year!
Minimum Height: 42″

Tis’ the season to be daring on this 20-story dropping tower that will be sure to make you scream! Just be sure to enjoy the view of the beautiful holiday lights while you’re up there, because they will zoom right by as you fall. From this height, you may even see Santa flying in his sleigh! 
Minimum Height: 54″

Sky Buckets
Take a seat and travel in style in these charming cable cars as you fly 100 feet over the Six Flags and behold the shining beauty that is Holiday in the Park. From this view, you and your party will be able to see thousands upon thousands of twinkling lights as you take this airborne journey through this holiday wonderland. You won’t know which way to look, for this shining spectacle can be seen from every angle! Just be sure to look out for Santa and his reindeer because they are sure to be flying around the park to take in the fantastic view as well!
Minimum Height: 36″ with adult

S’mores Village
Everyone LOVES s’mores, so Six Flags Over Georgia decided it was time to bring its guests even more s’mores! When you enter S’mores Village, you will be surrounded by beautiful lights and find four different fire pits where you and your loved ones can create your very own s’mores! We assure you, this is no joke. Tis’ the season of giving!

  • Twisted Cyclone

Twisted Cyclone roller coaster offers the ultimate holiday thrill—the combination of wood and steel into one adrenaline-pumping coaster unlike any other at Holiday in the Park. As you sleigh down the first 75 degree drop, you’ll not only be able to see all of the beautiful lights, but also the feeling that Santa gets when him and his reindeers are soaring through the sky. 
Minimum Height: 42″