Cobb County, Georgia is overflowing with tricks and treats for visitors during the creepiest month of the year, October! Visit some of the most spine-chilling areas north of Atlanta including Civil War battle sites, haunted theme parks, and cemeteries surrounding horrifying urban legends. We are sure you will get in the Halloween spirit when you check out these eight spooky spots.

Kennesaw Mountain Scene

1. Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, north of Atlanta, was the site of a bloody battle of the Civil War in 1864. More than 4,000 men perished at this fight, mostly on the Union side. These days, the grounds are open to the public, with hiking trails and exhibits on the war. An eerie energy has been reported, as well as sightings of men in battle attire and smoke similar to what came from the cannons.

900 Kennesaw Mountain Dr, Kennesaw, GA

2. Root House Museum in Marietta, Georgia was the home of William Root, the town’s first druggist and a merchant. There have been multiple claims of paranormal activity in the main bedroom of the house. Many have seen the spirit of a woman (possibly Mrs. Root) peering from the bedroom windows. Museum operators also claim that the antique rope bed sometimes appears to have been slept in when the house is opened in the mornings. During the month of October, The William Root House will be decorated for Victorian-style funeral and offering flashlight tours on Friday nights!

80 North Marietta Pkwy NW, Marietta, GA

Crystal Pistol Music Hall Six Flags

3. Six Flags Over Georgia has allegedly been haunted since opening in 1967. According to legend, an actor by the name of “Joe” was supposed to star in the opening number for the very first show at the Crystal Pistol Music Hall, but he was killed in a car accident on the way there. Many employees and guests believe Joe is still waiting to perform that number. His ghost has been seen at the edge of the balcony watching performances, and witnesses have seen orbs and heard a man singing after the hall was closed for the evening. Joe has also been blamed for moving props from the stage out to the railroad tracks beside the building. Today, guests can enjoy a truly terrifying experience in the park after the sun goes down during Fright Fest.

275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA

Marietta Museum of History at night

4. Kennesaw House was used as a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War. Now it is home to the Marietta Museum of History and more than 700 ghosts! After the Civil War, the building served as a hotel, and one of the most striking supernatural accounts comes from a hotel guest. When the guest stepped off the elevator onto the third floor, he witnessed a scene from a Civil War hospital, complete with a surgeon bending over a wounded man. Thinking he had walked into some kind of re-enactment, he quickly retreated into the elevator and returned to the first floor. When he asked the front desk agent what was happening on the third floor, the employee was perplexed. Both the clerk and the guest returned to the third floor only to find an empty hotel hallway. More recently, a child reported seeing a woman dressed in a light blue antebellum style dress with pink flowers around the neckline and bodice while on a field trip to the Marietta Museum. This woman smiled at her and then vanished. She claims it is a woman in a picture at the museum. Learn more about this and other haunted Marietta sites on the Ghosts of Marietta Walking Tour.

1 Depot St, Marietta, GA

running scarred in Folklore haunted house

5. Folklore Haunted House has been called Atlanta’s Scariest and Most Spectacular Haunted House. This Halloween season, Folklore Haunted House is unleashing three terrifying and elaborate haunted houses. Learn why USA’s Greatest Haunts has named it one of the Best Haunted Houses in the country when you tour Asylum 67, Overload, and The Manor.

5389 N Main St, Acworth, GA

Mary Meinert's grave

6. The Statue of Mary Meinert in the James Episcopal Church Cemetery is one of the spookiest spots in all of Cobb County. Mary Meinert and her family are said to have lived in a large house near the Marietta National Cemetery in the 1800s. One tragic day, Mary heard her children crying from the top floor of the home. She realized the house was on fire and she ran to save them, but all three died in the fire. Her striking statue sits eerily in the cemetery, and some say this statue weeps for her infant twins with tears so real that they roll down her face and dampen the bodice of her gown. Others say if you walk around her grave 13 times and say “Oh Mary, Oh Mary what happened to your babies?” You will hear a woman cry and tears will begin to roll down the statue’s face.

161 Church St, Marietta, GA

Escape Woods

7. Escape Woods is taking the creepy up a notch in Powder Springs this Halloween season with five spooky escape challenges – The Cabin: Hunted, The Bunker: Aftermath, The Maze: Curse of the Dragon, The Pig Farmer: Cult of the 7 Sins, and their most popular- Hopper’s Cabin: The Cabin from Stranger Things. After dark, some of the games will also feature terrifying actors designed to elevate the experience. Can you escape?

628 Sleepy Hollow Rd B, Powder Springs, GA

Concord Covered Bridge

8. The Concord Covered Bridge has an eerie story connected to it. According to the Urban Baboon, a couple of little girls drowned (or were drowned) in the waters below the bridge. According to the lore, if you park your car at night, turn it off and leave some chocolate on it, you’ll hear the girls climbing on the car and laughing. When you turn the car back on, the candy will be gone and there will be handprints on your car. However, it’s a highly traveled, single-lane bridge, so it’s not a good idea to turn your car off.

Concord Rd. SW, Smyrna, GA

Craving More Spooky Stories?

Book a tour on one of Cobb County’s ghost tours. Ghosts of Marietta offers tours by trolley or by foot through Civil War sites, antebellum homes, and cemeteries all year long. Acworth Ghost Tours run through the end of October and highlight hauntingly historic spaces throughout Acworth, Ga.

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