Cobb County, Ga – (June 30, 2023) – By installing a new software called AudioEye on its website, Cobb Travel & Tourism has put a major focus on equal web accessibility for everyone in efforts of new Cobbunity campaign.

For each person who visits, AudioEye runs more than 400 tests to find accessibility errors that prevent those with disabilities from fully interacting with the site, ensuring the best user-friendliness in real-time, and keeping in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Web accessibility ensures that websites and web-related tools are usable by everyone, regardless of ability. Providing digital concepts like image alternative text and closed captions remove difficulties online, similar to wheelchair ramps or Braille in the physical world. In addition, AudioEye’s outstanding technology assists in detecting and resolving accessibility issues for online visitors. The accessibility score on has risen from a 79 to a 91 and will continue to increase as the software monitors the website for new issues daily.

“Cobb Travel & Tourism strives to prioritize accessibility in every way we can,” shared Holly Quinlan, President & CEO of Cobb Travel & Tourism. “AudioEye will create an easy-to-use experience for every site visitor, assisting us in welcoming all to Cobb County.”

While this technology concentrates on the internal side of the website, online visitors can use the AudioEye Visual Toolkit to customize their experience even more. The visual toolkit, located at the bottom right corner of the website, offers a set of usability and customization tools, such as changing the text size and color, to assist the visitor in the best possible way.

“As web accessibility standards develop, AudioEye will help keep up to date with the necessary tools for every person, at every ability level,” stated Quinlan. “We are excited about this software and what it will do for our website visitors.”


Cobb Travel & Tourism is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization, working to bring visitors to Cobb County. Cobb Travel & Tourism is the only organization positioned to market Cobb County and all of its assets as a 365-day destination. As the leading industry in Cobb County, tourism has significant economic impact.

Lindsey Burruss